About me


10849767_675995769198537_3923791554152097772_nHowdy! I, Gauri Vilekar, a passionate travel blogger cum photographer, enjoy sharing my travel stories with the rest of the world. I prefer the rugged and backpacking way of travel; thus, anything luxurious is alien to me. I love exploring remote places, and places rich in history, culture and traditions. Being a nature freak, the thrill of wildlife, the solitude of mountains and the sound of oceans make me weak in my knees. My photography interests are mainly in the genre of travel, portraits and landscapes. And oh… my happiness also largely revolves around  tasting the local food at places that I travel to..

My life right now : At 36, when most women of my age are busy planning kids and buying homes, I am happily planning my next travel destination! Continue reading..

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