A Capri On The Road


My cuppa @ 1730 feet! The jeep arrived at 4 am at our homestay in the quaint village of Suryanelli. Shivering under our jackets, we embarked on our ride towards Kolukkumalai on a chilly December morning under the canopy of a pitch dark sky that glittered with diamonds. After about two kms of driving on tar road, our vehicle took to first gear. A few jeeps ahead of us tossed, jerked and… Read More

Vembanad I had woken up, perhaps in the midst of a dream. An infinite stretch of hyacinth dotted with petite pink flowers seemed to be gently floating towards the horizon. I got off the bed and nipped towards the huge french windows of my homestay, staring into the face of a surreal morning. My gaze followed the endless placid lake, as vast as the sea. The floating hyacinths were for real! I was on the… Read More

Fort Kochi lured me with its rustic charm, pulling me to its streets like a magnet. I wandered the long and cramped alleys where shops bursted with souvenirs, cutlery, armours, chandeliers and unique antiques from the bye-gone eras of the Portuguese, Jewish and the Dutch. Plush price tags dangled around them, but were too irresistible to be missed! In the vicinity of the famous spice market, stood the Mattancherry Palace aka Dutch… Read More

Prelude : A steady flame from a brass lamp illuminated the small, dim-lit amphitheatre with its soothing glow. A lingering fragrance of mildly scented incense sticks filled the room. A gentle symphony of the flute, tabla and sitar played in the background. Three plump men took to the centre of the stage. Holding a small mirror in one hand, and a brush in the other, they began painting their faces in green and orange,… Read More