A Capri On The Road


I try to capture the beauty of one of the most traditional and unique form of worship prevalent in the Malabar region of Kerala..

A cheerful and cuddly man, somewhere in his late 60’s, wearing a coat and muffler around his neck, greeted us with a pleasing smile and a warm handshake. Uncle Tsilie had been patiently waiting for us at the ticket counter of the Nature Conservation office located at the base of the village. We had traveled for two hours on mucky roads from Kohima in a cramped shared taxi. It was December and… Read More

Explore the fascinations of a river island tucked away on the quieter banks of the Brahmaputra..

The blog takes you to one of the most vibrant festivals of India..

My blog takes you on a fascinating journey through Longwa, its people and why you should visit it before its too late.