A Capri On The Road


Fort Kochi lured me with its rustic charm, pulling me to its streets like a magnet. I wandered the long and cramped alleys where shops bursted with souvenirs, cutlery, armours, chandeliers and unique antiques from the bye-gone eras of the Portuguese, Jewish and the Dutch. Plush price tags dangled around them, but were too irresistible to be missed! In the vicinity of the famous spice market, stood the Mattancherry Palace aka Dutch… Read More

Prelude : A steady flame from a brass lamp illuminated the small, dim-lit amphitheatre with its soothing glow. A lingering fragrance of mildly scented incense sticks filled the room. A gentle symphony of the flute, tabla and sitar played in the background. Three plump men took to the centre of the stage. Holding a small mirror in one hand, and a brush in the other, they began painting their faces in green and orange,… Read More

Like the ‘Kalpavriksha’ or the wish-granting tree, Pushkar fulfils the desire of every soul that visits it, with a purpose of its own. For some, it might mean soaking in the electrifying energies of a mad-rush mela, for some, a hidden treasure of stories and photographs and for some, a blissful journey in search of purity and spiritualism. Over the years, Pushkar has moulded  its deep-rooted traditions and rich cultural legacy to perfectly… Read More

“Khammaghani!”, I helloed to my guide and my host from the Rajsamand Forest Dept, flaunting my newly learnt arcadian Marwari slang. Chitchatting with Govindji and a few other forest guards in the 4*4 jeep sent to our disposal, we passed a scenic stretch of roads, a quaint village and a beautiful pond on the way to the forest rest house that waited anxiously behind the shade of a few gooseberry trees. I was charmed by the petite rest house… Read More

We zoomed past the web of neatly stacked houses etched in green and blue, adorned with bright windows, that lined the narrow, criss-cross roads. Beneath the thatched roofs of their verandahs, a few aged eyes and wrinkled faces relaxed and chitchatted into the lazy afternoon. Amidst the pleasant scent of freshly smeared dung in its courtyard, sat a small temple of Lord Ganesha. A cow with almond shaped eyes and horns like… Read More