A Capri On The Road


The beginning-  Darjeeling(6700 ft)-Dhotrey(8500 ft)-Tonglu(10130 ft)-Tumling(9600 ft) I stepped out of our jeep and breathed the fresh air of a small and quaint hamlet nestled amidst thick pine forests called Dhotrey. Delighted to have left the mad rush of Darjeeling way behind, I was impulsive to venture on what I was looking forward to be one of my most cherished treks. Every house, window sill, verandah and toilet in Dhotrey was lined… Read More

My last blog “Hypnotism at Hampi” gave insights about planning a trip to Hampi. Read here : Hypnotism at Hampi This blog is an extension with more travel agendas around Hampi. Day 3: Anegundi is a sleepy hamlet on the other side of Tungabhadra, away from the hustle and bustle of Hampi. I did not intend to climb the Monkey hill unlike most tourists. While waiting for the boat to take us to the… Read More

I have been fascinated by strange dreams of venturing into the lush and humid Amazon; of wandering deep into the rain forests and spotting a gorgeous bird of Paradise dancing its way into glory. Curiosity took its toll when I got to know that I wasn’t too far away from a hidden rain-forest hiding in the lap of Karnataka. I decided to explore Agumbe, also referred to as the “Cherapunji of the South”…. Read More